Markets & Applications

Wearable Technology

Create wearables of the future with fully washable textile switches and sensors without sacrificing aesthetic appeal eg. smart clothing and footwear with touch and gesture interactivity and fashionable interactive textile patches.

Robotics & Prosthetics

Create human-like touch sensitivity and ‘first touch’ capability.


Reduce costs dramatically with printable 2D and 3D components; new forms of sensor possible.


Add human-like sensing to prosthetics to create the equivalent of human skin response or to enable the perfect fit.


Apply tough durable very large response range force/pressure sensing abilities to robots; input data collection allows learning / feedback loops; delicate or rugged operability.

Mobile Devices & PCs

Touch screens, smart phones, notebooks & tablets.


Transform products by utilising any active surfaces to create the best intuitive user experience possible.


Design thinner, lighter and flexible products; fit more functionality into smaller spaces at lower costs.


Create multi-functional interfaces.


Internet of Things

A perfect fit for IOT; printable sensors in 2D & 3D forms.


Enable active surfaces in our lives.


Enable personalisation of products or monitoring.


Valuable data generated from pressure/force/touch inputs.


Combine sensing, control and optimization to create a 'Digital Nervous System'.

“ The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”


Security & Defence

Sense Volatile Organic Compounds.


Create pressure sensitive surfaces.


Create super soldiers.



Create unique interfacing in the cockpit and elsewhere with creative freedom in terms of ergonomics & aesthetics.

Seat sensing.


The connected car - deliver the best driver experience of the future.

Gaming & Toys

2D and 3D joysticks.


Sensory interaction.


Data collection, feedback loops and personalisation.

Healthcare & Medical

Low cost printable sensors.


Create disposable & environmentally friendly products.


Create mobile device breath sensors for diagnosis and management of human medical conditions emitting VOCs.


Sensors which are durable and reliable in harsh environments.



Printing based manufacturing processes to lower the cost of electronics eg sensor tags that add intelligence to everyday objects.


Sensors environmentally friendly and low cost enough for disposable products; any size or shape & printable on paper or card eg intelligent packaging.


Create robust and durable interfacing solutions and variable controls which are reliable in harsh environments.


Create smart equipment & appliances.


A perfect fit for embedding intelligence into a wide range of products & devices enabling entirely new functionality and more applications.


'The sky’s the limit! ... with aeronautical design'.


Pressure sensitive skins on surfaces.


Fatigue monitoring.


Consumer & Home Appliances

Cost-effective environmentally friendly futuristic interfaces on any surface.


Intelligent interactive products.


Product differentiation.


Create 'smart homes'.

Card Security

Improve card security by detecting presence eg. thumb/finger activation of an ultra-thin printed embedded switch protects the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in credit & debit cards from unwarranted scanning by identity thieves wirelessly stealing information.

Architecture & Interiors

Smart materials of the future are a designer’s dream …